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Growing up in the U.S., I didn’t know pilgrimage was still a thing. It was something that popped up in medieval stories or that other religions did.

But modern versions are everywhere. In the old places and in new paths we make. In hundreds or thousands of miles walked on well-known caminos with a credential that’s stamped, and on new ones we find that have significance to us.

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What & Where

Here you'll find easy access to a couple of good-to-know pages: "What Is Pilgrimage?" and "Pilgrimage Destinations."

What Is Pilgrimage?

Pilgrimage is many things to many people. We’re all moving from one place to another in life. What sets it apart from ordinary travel...

Pilgrimage Destinations:
Pilgrimage destinations are all around. They aren’t a thing of the past & don’t belong to any one faith. There's one for you—sacred, historic or meaningful.

"Life is a long pilgrimage
from fear to love."

~Paulo Coelho

Pilgrimage Highlights

You can get to all of the pilgrimage destinations through the link above. But I've highlighted a couple here.

Take a look: Pilgrimage can be as close as the trail to that old church down the road or as far as that sacred place halfway around the world. It can be right where you are ... right now!


Rocamadour looks a lot like Gondor & even has a legendary sword, Durendal. Its medieval Chemin de Croix winds upward off a longer path connected to Les Eyzies or a branch of the Camino...

Art Pilgrimage

Not every pilgrimage takes you far away from your everyday world. Art pilgrimage can be the journey close to home—especially when technology puts you…

Blogs & Spiritual Thoughts

8 Steps for Pilgrimage Planning

Many faiths have pilgrimage. Others go for their own reasons: Healing. Remembering. Because a llama was involved. Here are 8 pilgrimage planning steps.

My Cup Overflows

Sometimes pilgrimage is a wounded wandering toward a Father’s love. It’s not what we think of when we consider God’s intention toward us. Yet my cup overflows…