The Question Behind Everything

Everyone is always asking only one thing: Will you love me?

This is where the devotional takes me. In the mistakes we make. The damaging words. Our selfish behaviors. The people we allow to treat us badly.  

It’s a journey toward love, even when (maybe especially when) we do the things that make it so hard for people to love us.

Because deep down, we know: Love can’t be earned, only given. 

And if someone will give it to us when we’re at our ugliest, it must be real

Taking a break, walking toward...

On Mother’s Day I’m thinking this, with the quiet outside, the piano music of outdoor hymns stilled, the walk in the woods with my son and our dog completed. Today I get to be a little pampered — a little filled. 

Tomorrow I need to return to the giving … the sheltering … the seeing. I need to quiet myself to look at the people around me and see less of the difficulty, hear less of the pettiness, and notice how they’re imperfectly expressing their need for love. Understanding. To be seen.

Just as I do. 

And it’s beautiful to have a part in that peace, but it’s also draining. I still feel my human limitations more than I feel the filling of God. More than I consistently trust that while I’m his hands and feet on earth, the results are his — not mine to control.

There are so many things pilgrimage — the walk, the rhythm, the why — can help us see. It quiets the clutter. 

Yet it’s not about walking away, but about walking toward. Seeking and finding with a whole heart.

Open hands, open heart. Feeling the air like a breath of life on our faces. Seeing the truth without needing to reshape it in our image. 

Welcoming a time to receive, as well as give. Letting go and trusting. Being present in the moment. Exercising faith as a walk.

Inspiration for the journey ...