Book Review:
The Way of Abundance

The Way of Abundance: A 60-Day Journey Into a Deeply Meaningful Life

Ann Voskamp

“‘Great grief isn’t meant to fit inside your body. It’s why your heart breaks.’ And each of us holds enough brokenness to overflow—to be given as the greatest story of our lives.”
The Way of Abundance Intro)

Years ago, I read (and loved) Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts and gifted it to a friend who had been hurt and left wandering in so many ways.

So when I went looking for a devotional series to prepare for Holy Week and my upcoming mini-pilgrimage, I was quick to grab The Way of Abundance.  

But what is “the way of abundance”? What would it bring to my days and my walks … my own sometimes-hard journey through life?

Structure for The Way of Abundance

There’s an introduction, followed by 60 days of devotionals in 6 parts: 

  1. How Can the Brokenhearted Keep Going?
  2. How Do We Live Like the Brokenhearted?
  3. How Do You Let Your Broken Heart Receive?
  4. How Can the Brokenhearted Find Real Communion?
  5. How Can the Brokenhearted Release Control?
  6. How Do the Brokenhearted Get to Love?

Individual devotionals are of varying length, but all build toward the intended goal of finding abundant life and meaning amidst brokenness.

My Thoughts on the Book

A theme running throughout The Way of Abundance is that Jesus is on the side of the broken, the suffering, the rejected. And our abundance is found not in an easy, profitable life, but in what we give to others and how much of ourselves we give to God.

In fact, she describes abundance as “having as much of God as we want.”

There is a lot of depth in this devotional, and it’s depth born of difficulty and often of pain. But my favorite line in it comes from her young son Malakai when he found out about a medical condition on Day 30’s passage on “Crisis Givenness”:

The hardest things can be the greatest gift.”

This, after he gave thanks. This, after he told her how real God was to him in this and how it would make him rely on God more.

That’s the heart of the message. 

It’s not a “how to” for making your life look like you want. It’s a guide for finding God in the midst of difficulty and for seeing how we live out Sunday sermons in our small actions throughout the home, throughout the day—being faithful in small things.

It’s about knowing that God’s grace was freely given when we were still messed up and didn’t know we needed him—before we went and sinned no more.

There’s a lot she gets right. There are times I wish there was less written about brokenness. But that doesn’t stop me from also being broken. It’s all relevant.

Devotional length varies a fair bit. Most of them are longer than I’ll read in one go, but that’s okay. I pick up where I left off throughout the day.

At the end of each devotional is a set of thought-provoking questions. Typically, the Pre-Coffee Me draws a blank when I read them, but again … that’s okay. There are generally other quotes or thoughts on what she’s written about that I use or think about throughout the day.

Overall, it’s a good devotional filled with flowing, heartfelt prose and insights. I won’t be finishing in 60 days. But there is a lot of authenticity in here, so it’s worth checking out.

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